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The Greatest Threat to Microsoft

Cringely, on Apple as the largest threat to Microsoft: I think Microsoft’s clearest threat still comes from Apple, though not the way most people expect. Yes, Apple is about to take Microsoft to the woodshed when it comes to Internet … Continue reading

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Normal People vs. DRM

Tim Bray: What all the DRM dreamers don’t want to admit is that 95% or more of the population hasn’t yet encountered DRM, and when they do, they aren’t going to like it. They’re going to scream and scream and … Continue reading

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iTunes vs. Sony-BMG

Don Yacktman, ex-NeXT employee: I sure hope that Apple sticks to its guns on this one. Since it sounds like not all the labels really want the price hike, I think this is a battle Apple could win. Sure, one … Continue reading

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My latest Flickr friend is a Jordanian mac-using artist. I find it really incredible how the internet has allowed us to cross previously uncrossable boundaries. I have become friends on Skype with a girl my age from Birmingham, UK who … Continue reading

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Planning for Cabs?

Just got my iTunes preorder of Death Cab for Cutie’s new album, Plans. Boy, am I loving this!

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My New Watch

My folks picked me up a new Swatch watch to replace the broken one I stopped wearing months ago. It even has a nice leather band, which means I have to remember to take it off before the shower!

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Scoble Thinks

Turns out he’s really good at it.

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